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Insect Control

Insect Control Benefits

Insect Free Lawns. All Season.

Benefits of Insect Control for Your Lawn

  • Protects Grass and Root System. 

  • Prevents Costly Lawn Repairs

  • Preserve the Aesthetics of Your Lawn

  • Increase Longevity of Grass and Plants

Insects Beware.

Our Industry Leading Insect Surface Control Service Gets the Job Done. Against Them All. 

Sod Webworms

Sharp Lawns Insect
Sod Webworms, the second most common lawn pest, consume grass blades. They are named for their silk-like material production and cause grass to appear scalped in affected areas.

Chinch Bugs

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Chinch bugs are tiny pests that feed on grass by piercing individual blades to drain moisture, leaving behind toxins. Adult Chinch Bugs are only 1/8 inch in size. Their damage is often mistaken for lawn disease, leading to misdiagnosis until it's too late. Proper identification of lawn damage is crucial. Consult trained lawn experts to address dead patches effectively.

Bill Bugs

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Billbugs primarily target Kentucky Bluegrass as their host, with secondary attacks on Perennial Ryegrass and Fescue. These insects are slightly larger than chinch bugs, with adults measuring at 3/8 inches. They are characterized by their black or brown weevil appearance with a long snout


Sharp Lawns Insect
Armyworms measure 1.5-2 inches in length and are known for traveling in groups, swiftly consuming various food sources such as lawns. The aftermath of their infestation includes large yellow patches on grass resembling areas flattened by heavy machinery. As they progress, these pests metamorphose into moths.

Grub Control

We Break The Pattern. Before it Begins. 

Grub larva feed on grass roots, leading to patches of wilted or dead turf, resulting in a patchy brown lawn. To avoid this issue, Grub Control is applied in the summer to stop eggs from developing into destructive larva that feed on grass roots. This preventative measure is crucial before the larva stage to maintain a healthy lawn. Grub Control will be administered during Application 3 of our Lawn Care Program.

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