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Core Aeration Services & Benefits

Let your Lawn Breathe.

Benefits of Core Aeration for Your Lawn

  • Creates channels for vital nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach root zone.

  • Loosens compacted soil effectively.

  • Ensures great seed to soil contact when overseeding.

  • Helps in heavily trafficked and thatch-covered zones.

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Fall Aeration Service for Optimal Results in Northeastern Ohio

A one-time visit that revitalizes your lawn, allowing it to breathe and thrive.

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  • Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your entire property to determine the level of soil compaction and identify any highly trafficked or browning areas that require special attention.

  • We utilize a powerful, professional-grade aerator that extracts soil plugs 2-4 inches deep and places them on the surface of your turf.

  • This process enhances the access of roots to essential nutrients and water by eliminating soil plugs from the ground.

  • The deposited plugs on the surface prevent nutrient loss and aid in enriching the soil as they decompose over time.

Sharp Lawns Aeration

Renew Your Lawn.

Overseeding Services & Benefits

Improve Your Lawns Appearance.

Benefits of Overseeding for Your Lawn

  • Fills in areas of turf damaged by summer stress, diseases, and damaging insects.

  • Thickens and increases the density of thin lawns.

  • Helps improve the lawn’s appearance.

  • Increases the lawn’s ability to fight damaging insects and diseases.

When to Overseed

  • The arrival of cooler autumn weather tends to be earlier in northern regions, making the scheduling of fall overseeding more reliant on daily temperatures rather than the calendar.

  • An advisable practice is to overseed either in late summer or early fall, ensuring sufficient time for the turf grass seed to germinate and mature adequately to withstand the winter conditions.

How to Overseed

  • To achieve optimal results in fall overseeding, it is essential to meticulously choose the appropriate grass seed.

  • This process necessitates a deep understanding of various turfgrass varieties to ensure that the new grass closely resembles the existing lawn's appearance in the targeted area.

Fall Overseeding Service for Optimal Results in Northeastern Ohio

  • Successful grass seed germination is contingent upon establishing optimal seed-to-soil contact.

  • To enhance this critical connection, overseeding is commonly paired with lawn aeration.

  • This process involves extracting cores of soil from the lawn, allowing essential elements such as water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the root system effectively.

  • The resulting soil holes create favorable conditions for the new turfgrass to thrive and develop, provided they are consistently watered lightly and receive adequate fertilization.

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