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Lawn Care Services 

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Our skilled team offers a range of treatments, from fertilization to aeration and overseeding, to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful all year round.

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Fertilizing and Weed Control

Elevate your home's beauty with lush, vibrant grass! Beyond watering and mowing, proper fertilization is essential for growth and vitality. Our tailored 5-step program at Sharp Lawns ensures your lawn reaches its peak condition. Expect healthier, lusher grass by following our regimen diligently. Impress your neighbors with a stunningly maintained lawn!

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Core Aeration

Revitalize your lawn by aerating the soil to improve its ability to absorb nutrients, water, and care. Core aeration facilitates deeper penetration of essential elements to the root zone, promoting optimal lawn health. Say goodbye to compaction and thatch, and let your lawn thrive.

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Late summer or early fall is ideal for overseeding to repair cool-season lawns damaged by summer conditions like drought, diseases, insects, or foot traffic. Cool-season grasses thrive in temperatures from 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, including varieties such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrasses, and fescues.

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Insect Control

Our custom blended fertilizers integrate surface insect control that are designed to safeguard your lawn from many lawn destroying insects, including chinch bugs, bill bugs, and armyworms. These fertilizers not only nourish your lawn but also act as a shield against potential pest threats. 

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